Starting off on the weekly chart we can see that the previous week XRP, following BTC, was extremely bullish relative to the previous 11 weeks of minor movements. However this week price opened directly on the 1 Month 10 Day MA $0.376 & the 1 Week Bollinger Resistance.

As of right now, unlike bitcoin, XRP is not overvalued, however it will still follow the same directional movements as bitcoin due to its market dominance.

We can see that the 20 day and 10 day moving averages are close to crossing over, and XRP is currently trading above them.

Therefore, from the weekly chart, we can expect to see XRP come down to test the Moving Average crossover of $0.333 before going higher next week following Bitcoin.

When looking at the daily chart we can see that the daily 20 day Moving Average also lines up nicely with our 3 Week MA Crossover Support $0.333 adding further confluences to our analysis – that XRP will come down to test $0.333 before going higher next week